Corporate Services

  • Website Management & Organization
  • We’ve created this option just specifically for corporate organizations that operates multiple websites and needs to ensure these websites are maintained, managed and monitored effectively. We have a team of trained professionals ready and happy to take up this responsibilities for you as an organization. The requirements of maintaining an operational or e-commerce website is quite enormous and for most companies, or organizations hiring professionals to do it is the best option. Your website speaks a lot about you on the internet, it gives an opportunity to share yourself with prospective customers and visitors. Therefore, it is important to ensure that perfection is put into this aspect of your public presence. Public perception goes a long way to shape the identity of an organization, we have understood this concept and we aim to share this understanding with you as a corporate organization. Let Wiztech Nigeria make the right decision on your behalf.

  • Digital Services/Social Media Services
  • Taking your time to create a digital presence for your business operation is a great business decision. This is because the world has migrate to digital way of operating, therefore everyone wants to see what you offer digitally, they want to get access to your business operation through every channel available. Customers wants to message you on Linked In, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram DM etc. and they want to get responded to almost immediately. Social media account management, Social media Ads administration, Content Creation etc. all these and a host of others are what we will take responsibility for and ensure that your company’s digital presence is perfect enough to attract worthy customers to you.

  • Hardware Repairs & Maintenance
  • This aspect of our operation is focused on the fact that virtually, every company operates with the use of computers such as Desktops, Laptops, Tables, Mobile Phones, Servers etc. getting these devices to work as good as they are needed, we need to make sure that they are adequately maintained because without maintenance, the ability of these gadgets tend to reduce and at a very deteriorating state that might put the operation of the entire organization at risk. That’s why we are here to help you keep tabs on these gadgets you use, maintain these gadgets and fix them should the need be. Computers require frequent maintenance and we will task ourselves with the responsibility of maintaining these gadgets.

  • Procurements & Supplies
  • As understood, organizations operate daily at different rate and as such, there are items and supplies that needs frequent replenishing. Office Supplies such as Printer Inks, Cartridges, Paper, Stationaries etc. One factor that should be taken into consideration when buying these supplies is that it is very vital to ensure you are buying and using the original items. Using substandard inks for a printer can mess up the printing head and leaving you to much more expenses than the expenses of buying a genuine product. We are adequately equipped with information and experience to help you get the genuine products that you need for effective maintenance of your office equipment.