Our History

  • How wiztech was conceived
  • For business owners, there is a huge distinction between having your business operational presence on the internet and having your business operational presence on the right part of the internet. Our founding partners, based on experience and interaction with young and developing business owners, it was discovered that business executives that want their business to thrive on the internet are oblivious to the fact that not everything works for everybody. Having the tools is different from using them the right way, all these is what Wiztech seeks to solve for entrepreneurs and business owners that want to take up a reasonable portion of the internet and use it to their advantage.

    Based on this understanding, Wiztech was launched by the founding partners and a solid team of experts in 2020 with the hope of solving digital technology problems for businesses that needs it. We started by building social media channels for businesses that needs it. We also create content (word, graphics, voice overs, videos, animation) for these channels so as to be able to put out quality content at the needed time. Subsequently we introduced the use of websites and mobile applications to consumers that needs it (not every business requires a website or mobile app).

    Currently, we are adequately equipped with both the human resources and technical resources to execute a wide range of services that are required by the modern day businesses to thrive and compete effectively within their industry.